Professional Services

Lectures & Trainings


As a result of years of training, research, and work as a psychologist I have begun to develop expertise in multiple topics related to psychology and personal development. 

Topics I have lectured on in the past at universities and institutions in Southern California include: 

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me come speak at an event you are planning.

Consulting Services

1. Burnout Prevention: 

I've created research driven seminars for executives and managers on employee relations and decreasing burnout.  Burnout costs us Billions and Billions per year. So, simple cost-benefit analysis indicates that educating yourself and your company about the signs and management of burnout could save you a lot in the long run.


2.  Burnout Assessment:

 Using standardized instruments like:

I can help you see, by the numbers, the severity of the problem you or your organization are facing.


3.  Burnout Management:

I can provide individual interventions, referrals, and research-driven operational dynamic changes that will slow and stop the toxicity that is draining your bottom line and disempowering your workforce.

Measurable outcomes: increased work output, decreased time wasted, increased employee retention, fewer missed days at work due to burnout driven sickness.