Professional Services

Lectures & Trainings

As a result of years of training, research, and work as a psychologist I have begun to develop expertise in multiple topics related to psychology and personal development. 

Topics I have lectured on in the past at universities and institutions in Southern California include: psychoanalytic self psychology, trauma and neuroscience, and using adult attachment as a framework for understanding and treating addiction.


I greatly enjoy public speaking for crowds of all sizes. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me come speak at an event you are planning.

Consulting Services

I enjoy consulting with organizations and individuals who are looking for a new direction. Using my background in psychology I offer the following services to both new and established organizations.

  1. Marketing strategy informed by human/social psychology principles
  2. ​Career development & planning using the NEO-PI-R
  3. Grant funding strategy development
  4. Interactive seminars for executive staff and management on employee relations and decreasing burnout.

I have consulted with multiple  organizations over the last 10 years in both formal and pro bono relationships. I am actively consulting with startups and non-profits in the Los Angeles area.   The following business and organizations are good examples of more recent successful relationships: