Meet Patrick

Patrick Lockwood: Psychologist, Consultant, & Author

psychologist. consultant. professor.

I grew up in a small Southern Missouri town, and eventually moved to Southern California to finish my doctorate in psychology.  Growing up in a community where addiction, economic struggles, and prejudice were common I find that I have a strong sense of empathy for how stuck, powerless, or unaccepted a person can feel. Living in Los Angeles helps me appreciate how culturally diverse and complex relationships can be. So, it is my duty to try to help people feel empowered and better navigate complexity so that we all can succeed.

Moreover, I've had the privilege of learning from business savvy mentors who have taught me so much about negotiating, collaboration, and leadership.  Thanks to this good luck, I've been able to use those skills to help companies and executives make strategic choices to improve their organizational efficiency and do "better" business. 

I am currently employed at PCI Westlake Centers as Program Director. I also do a podcast on YouTube about topics related to mental health, wellness, psychology, and neuroscience called "The Psychology Checkup."  ​For the last ten years I have worked in various for-profit and non-profit companies. I have enjoyed serving my clients in both the clinical and business worlds, and I look forward to partnering with you to create lasting success. Please feel free to contact me to learn more, request a consultation, or have me come speak at an event